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Security researcher, educator, and packet nerd. CTF builder and player. Cyberjutsu board member. Public speaker and blogger. You can find me on BlueSky, Mastodon, LinkedIn and the platform formerly known as Twitter. You can also email me at marcelle at

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Selected Webinars, Blogs, Books, Articles, and Talks

Reuse of my materials is licensed under the Creative Commons BY NC license. This means you can use my material but you have to give me credit it for it. A complete list of my public speaking engagements is available here. Check out my Medium site for more blogs.

Keynote: BSides Rochester - Beyond Ransomware: Examining the Shifting Cyber Landscape

Book: Bluenomicom, Digital Forensics for the Blue Team

White Paper: Guide to Cybersecurity Competitions for Competitors

Talk: Let’s Get Cooking with CyberChef, BSides Charm

Webinar: Understanding, Preparing for and Mitigating Cyber Threats, We Are the City - presented with Rafe Pilling

Blog: Phases of a Post-Intrusion Ransomware Attack, Secureworks

Article: A Day in the Life of a Security Researcher, Cyberwire

Panel: Certs vs No Certs, BSidesNoVA - presented with Jesse Tebrake, Jonathan Tomek, and Steve Higdon

Blog: Ransoms Demanded for Hijacked Instagram Accounts, Secureworks

Webinar: Hacking the Technical Interview, Cyberjutsu

Blog: Another Day, Another Fraudulent App, Human Security - researched and written in collaboration with Aaron and Ian

Article: Stop Looking for the Purple Squirrel: What’s Wrong With Today’s Cybersecurity Hiring Practices, ISACA Journal